Brief introduction of quenching furnace structure

- Jul 18, 2017 -

The furnace is composed of furnace body, oven door, heating element, ventilating mechanism and control system.

The furnace body is welded by steel and steel plate, and the inner wall of the lining is made of stainless steel plate and furnace shell, and the furnace body and the furnace liner are filled with aluminum silicate refractory fiber for heat insulation.

The oven door is designed in the lower part of the furnace body, which means the entry and exit of the workpiece is entered or out from below. The opening of the furnace body, the open door of the door to use mechanical transmission, through the motor, deceleration box, sprocket, chain, track and other completion.

The heating element adopts a resistance band of a high resistance alloy, which is arranged on both sides of the inner liner through a special hook and is insulated from the inner liner.

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