Correct selection quenching medium for heat treatment of fasteners

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Fasteners are widely used in machinery, automobile, aviation, aerospace, construction, transportation, communications, electronics, and many other industries. Comprehensive mechanical properties of fasteners mainly depends on choosing material and heat treatment quality.

Heat treatment is divided into two heating and cooling process, in order to get ideal heat treatment quality, respectively controlling the two process scientifically need to be required.Reasonable choice, scientific use of quenching medium is the essence of control cooling process

1. It is mainly based on ML35 (32, 40), such as bolts, studs, screws, nuts. These parts should be chosen faster quenching cooling medium in the process of heat treatment. To meet the parts quenching hardness, mechanical properties and so on various aspects of requirements.

I. Product size range in M4 - M16, you can choose 3-5% KR6480 Water soluble polymer quenchant, if you choose #35, 35a, 35s,the size can be extended to M18 - M20.

IIProduct size range in M10 ~ m2-m24, you can choose 8 ~ 10% KR7280 water soluble quenchant.

IIIProduct size is larger than M24, can choose KR7280 10 ~ 15% water soluble quenchant.

IV. Product is 45 # steel, you can choose according to your product size KR6480 or KR7280.

2.  It is mainly based on 35CrMo,40Cr,20MnTiB,35VB, such as bolts, studs, screws, nuts.

I. If your product material is 35 CrMo, 40 Cr ,can choose KRll8 rapid quenching oil or 5-10% KR6480 water-soluble polymer quenchant.

Ⅱ.If your product material is 20MnTiB、35VB, can choose KR7280 or KR6480.

3. In quenching process of Self-tapping screw, pin subclasses, quenching medium can choose KR6480 or KRll8.

4. With 65 mn, 60 si2mn, 70 spring washer, retaining ring can choose KRl18 rapid quenching oil, etc.

When quenching of  65Mn, 60Si2Mn, such as spring washer, retaining ring,quenching medium can choose KRl18 rapid quenching oil, etc.

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