H13 heat treatment process point and microstructure

- Sep 13, 2017 -

1. H13 die steel spheroidizing annealing tissue: dot or spheroidal pearlite+ a little amount of mesh distribution of secondary carbides.

Spheroidizing annealing process: heat preservation 3 h at 880 ℃, Furnace cooling to 740 ℃ and heat preservation 3 h, Furnace cooling to 500 ℃ and then air cooling.

key point of heat treatment:

a. Make sure the spherification of transition temperature is 740℃, at the same time, heat preservation 3 h

b.Make sure furnace cooling below 500 ℃ and then air cooling.

2. H13 die steel , 1040 ℃ quenching, tissue: martensite(Needle and plate strip)+ Residual austenite+ Diffuse distribution of carbides

3. H13 die steel , 1050 ℃ quenching+560~600℃ three times tempering, the tissue: Tempered martensite(Fine needle)+ Tempered troostite+ Residual carbides.

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