Precision carburizing of auto parts

- Sep 11, 2017 -

In order to improve the carbon content of workpiece surface, and form a certain carbon content gradient in protective atmosphere and stable carbon potential sealing furnace, such as low carbon steel, low carbon alloy steel, the product strengthen product surface hardness, wear resistance and fatigue strength, heart still has high shaping and toughness after carburizing.

The advantage of carburizing

1. High-wearing feature

2. High impact toughness

3. High fatigue resistance

4. Good surface quality

5. Permeability layer controlled accurately


Process case


The heat treatment process is difficult in auto parts. The figure show connection tooth of window lift transmission from Nissan car..

Carburizing process, precise control of carburizing atmosphere, using advanced quenching medium, cooperate with the best technology, the effective permeability layer control within 0.1 mm, control the hardness of plus or minus 2 degrees, and the deformation control within 0.05 mm.

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