Processing characteristic of three kinds anneaing

- Sep 14, 2017 -

Bright annealing Stress relievingSolution annealing
Heating   temperature≧ 1050℃ ≧ 1130℃≧ 1050℃
holding timeAccording to the material type、the workpiece thickness、output
Conveyor speedAccording to the material type、the workpiece thickness、output
cooling methodWater cooled(V1)Water cooled(V2)Water cooled(V3)
cooling speedV3>V2>V1
process   purposebright surface and Stress reliefStress relief1. Increase the   hardness of the workpiece      
 2.remove harmful metal components within the workpiece
Furnace   atmosphereAmmonia Decomposing   GasAmmonia Decomposing   GasAmmonia Decomposing   Gas
Materials   Processedstainless steel、copperstainless steelstainless steel

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