Stainless steel sink multi-groove integral stretching process

- Sep 13, 2017 -

Whole drawing process of stainless steel double groove (three slot) sink its characteristic is that 

(1) the material: stainless steel coil into shearing machine cut into development size needed for sink.

(2) the shear Angle: after blanking plate material into shearing machine according to the design requirements for the corners of excess material shear.

(3) stretch: for the first time after the cut Angle plate material into hydraulic press, first of all, according to the raw material of tub size and size arrangement good tensile reinforcement position in the mould, and then for the first time stretch, stretch the tub up to 80-90% of total depth depth requirements.

(4) the cutting edge: the tub after the first drawing according to the design requirements on the shearing machine has cut out excess material on either side of the tensile reinforcement.

(5) cleaning processing.

(6) annealing treatment: the sink in the bright annealing furnace for annealing treatment, the annealing temperature is 1150-1170 ℃, annealing heating time for 25 to 35 min.

(7) the second stretch: after annealing of stainless steel water trough in special molds and hydraulic press on the second stretch forming, require the tub and border pull at the same time and reach the design depth of the total demand for 180-250 - mm.

(8) the second stretching on the special moulds and hydraulic press by the sink sink quadrilateral trimming contour size requirements.

(9) punching: in special mold and hydraulic press groove on the bottom hole punch.

(10) punching: in special molds and hydraulic press on wall of spillway hole punch.

(11) cleaning: oil on the surface of a tank cleaning.

(12) surface treatment.

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