Stainless steel tube heat treatment

- Sep 14, 2017 -

Stainless steel tube is generally used to heat treatment with non-oxidation continuous heat treatment furnace with protective gas, and getting bright surface without oxidation ,so the traditional pickling process is cancelled.

According to the current trend of world development, continuous bright furnace is divided into three types:

(1)Roller hearth bright heat treatment furnace: Suitable for heat treatment of large size and large quantity, the output is 1 tons per hour. the protective gas are high purity hydrogen, ammonia and other protective gas. It can be equipped with convection cooling system to cool the steel pipe faster.

(2)Mesh belt type bright heat treatment furnace: Suitable for precision small diameter thin-walled steel pipe. the output is 0.3~1 tons per hour. The length of the steel tube is up to 40 meters.

(3)Muff type bright heat treatment furnace: deal with small diameter thin-walled steel pipe with low cost, the output is more than 0.3 tons per hour.

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