The main characteristics of the light annealing furnace:

- Jul 18, 2017 -

1. The whole annealing process of the material is placed in a protective atmosphere, and the surface of the annealed workpiece is not oxidized and the steel surface is not decarburization.

2. Because of the strong convection circulation in the furnace, the furnace temperature is even, so that the temperature difference in the stove is within the ±5℃, and can effectively guarantee the soft and hard consistency of the annealing material in any position, which facilitates the deep processing of the material.

3. Adopt double hearth heating and cooling quasi continuous operation mode, the furnace body structure is scientific and reasonable, the energy saving effect is obvious, the energy consumption of ton steel is low, the maximum capacity of single furnace is 30 tons, and the production efficiency is high.

4. The surface of the material treated by the furnace is bright, which eliminates pickling process, clean working environment and eliminate acid pollution.

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