The principle of selecting stainless steel materials for fasteners

- Sep 12, 2017 -

The choice of fasteners stainless steel material is mainly consider the following five aspects

1. Mechanical properties, especially the strength requirements

2. Working temperature: The heat resistant properties requirements of the materials (high temperature strength, oxidation resistance) 

3. Working condition: Corrosion resistance of the material requirements 

4. Production process: On materials processing performance requirements

5. Other aspects: Such as weight, price, purchase, etc.

Commonly material trademark using sus302, sus303, sus304, sus305, namely so-called "18-8" type of austenitic stainless steel these four grades
SUS02 used for machining screw and tapping bolt
SUS304 is suitable for bolts with longer specifications, large diameter bolts.
SUS305 is suitable for cold forming nuts, hex bolt
SUS309 and SUS310 are suitable for fasteners under the high temperature.

SUS321 and SUS347 are suitable for fasteners with no annealing after welding or work in 420~1013 ℃.
SUS430 is suitable for stainless steel fasteners that are slightly high in corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

SUS410 and SUS410 can strengthening through heat treatment, hardness rang in 35~45 HRC, machining performance is good, for general Heat resistant and corrosion fasteners.

SUS420 can strengthening through heat treatment, hardness rang in 53~58HRC, machining performance is good, for High strength fasteners.

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