The process of nitriding furnace

- Jul 18, 2017 -

How to:

1. The mould before nitriding must be a workpiece that has been processed by normalizing or quenching first.

2. First with gasoline and alcohol scrub workpiece surface, no rust, oil, dirt exist.

3. After loading into the furnace, the symmetrical tightening of the lid pressure bolt.

4. The water inlet of the furnace tank and the lid of the furnace is cooled by circulating water. The lower end of the pipe cooling water is water, the upper end is the water, the furnace can be separate influent, separate drainage, the furnace cover all water pipes can be in series by the principle of low inlet and high out, and drain by a inlets and a mouths.

5. Before heating up should be sent to the nitrogen exhaust gas, the exhaust flow should be more than 1 time times larger than the use.

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