What is What is vaccum nitriding?

- Sep 11, 2017 -

The Pulse vacuum nitriding is focus on promotion of technology in recent years. 

The advantage:

1. Good hardness uniformity

2. High wear resistance

3. Little deformation

4. High fatigue resistance

5. High corrosion resistance

6. Little brittleness

Suitable for the nitriding of die steel and high speed steel, especially for H13 hot extrusion die, plastic mould, metal mould with slits, deep holes, blind holes.


Process case


Mould, vaccum nitriding, 3CrNiMo.W=280mm,L=610mm,the thinkness of central is 8mm, both ends is 20mm, process requirement: hardness is more than 650HV1, Permeability layer0.5mm, deformation less than 0.015mm.

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