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This Time, We Made A Difference.We Are At The Forefront Of The Industry

- May 14, 2018 -

Our vacuum pulse osmosis furnace is more than 30% less energy efficient than other osmosis furnace. And there is no smell of ammonia,Fully meet environmental requirements.Our heat treatment furnace can infiltrate a variety of elements simultaneously. Make the hardness above HV1000.The surface has no REZN brittle phase .The efficiency has been greatly improved. The process cycle is also significantly shorter than conventional positive pressure penetration.And our heat teatment process is one of the most advanced heat teatment equipment in china.We have the latest oxygen and nitrogen were permeability,nitrogen and carbon altogether permeability,low temperature carbon austenite nirtogen altogether permeability,thin wall parts line layer reinforcement and steam oxidation teatment ,finalize the design of pistion,the less oxygen anaerobic, piston ring nitriding heat tratment process etc.   

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